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Towards Circularity

Country Road Towards Circularity

In celebration of our 50th year, we're releasing an anniversary capsule of our Towards Circularity range.

Each garment is made using 30% recycled cotton sourced from Country Road off-cuts and factory seconds which are shredded, re-spun and blended with virgin cotton to give them a new life.

Since 2022, we've recycled over 12 tonnes of Country Road textile waste.

Throughout the garment production process, valuable fabric is lost due to cutting or when faults occur in the sewing. We've worked with our largest supplier, Kashion, to create a more circular process that brings new value to these waste fabrics, blending them with virgin cotton fibres to make something new.

Unlike regular recycled yarns, this innovative process means we are using leftover Country Road fabrics to create new Country Road garments.

Country Road Towards Circularity

To mark our 50th year, we have created a limited-edition collection of products that are made to be loved and passed from one generation to another.
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